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Last November, we launched our Evil vs Cancer campaign, donating 100% of royalties from all Evil UnLtd books to Cancer Research UK. It was our way of trying to do something in the face of losing three lovely and gifted actresses - Caroline John and Mary Tamm and Elisabeth Sladen - from the world of Doctor Who, all to cancer.


Lis Sladen, Caroline John and Mary Tamm

We intended to continue that in some form past May 24th 2013 and our original plan was to carry on donating royalties at 50% - there being a need for some revenue if I was to be able to fund future Evil paperbacks. Now, sadly, the world of literature and sci-fi has lost another hero of mine and a major influence on a great deal of my writing, Iain Banks.

So once again, I'm feeling the need to do something.

Hence, revenue will have to wait. I'll find other sources of impoverished author's income! And we'll go on donating all royalties from the Evil UnLtd books (in all formats) to Cancer Research UK. This will continue for another year, until May 24th 2014. (We're backdating this to include all purchases that were made between May 24th 2013 and now.)

The gang over at Evil UnLtd still disapprove, of course. But I've gotten away with it for this long, I should be safe from their retribution for another year. Details of how you can get your hands, virtual or otherwise, on the paperbacks and/or ebooks here, at the official Evil site. But I’ll include the links here for your convenience:


Evil Vols 1 & 2


Evil UnLtd Vol 1: The Root Of All Evil


Kindle (Amazon UK) £2.01


Kindle (Amazon US) $3.05


Other Ebook Formats (Smashwords) $2.99


Paperback (Amazon UK) £8.99


Evil UnLtd Vol 2: From Evil With Love

Kindle (Amazon UK) £2.01

Kindle (Amazon US) $3.05

Other Ebook Formats (Smashwords) $2.99

Paperback (Amazon UK) £8.99


And now there's a third book in the series too!

Evil UnLtd 3: Evil Utd

Kindle (Amazon UK) £1.74

Kindle (Amazon US) $2.64


Paperback version and Smashwords ebook versions to follow.

So, if you haven’t availed yourself of a copy yet, treat yourself. And please tell your friends, spread the word.


Help make Evil do some Good.



Latest News


March 2011

Paper View

Some people are never satisfied.

Like Evil UnLtd, for instance. It wasn’t enough that they’d launched their enterprise on the Amazon Kindle and then spread their malign influence to other ebook formats, via Smashwords. They weren’t even content to set up their own publishing house. They had to go and set up a broadcasting company. Or hijack an existing one.

Yes, Galaxy Six Broadcasting are under new management. And in addition to the various electronic formats, they will be broadcasting the Evil UnLtd series through the medium of paper.

The first copies of Vol 1: The Root Of All Evil arrived this week and it is a thing of beauty. A shiny, chunky 380pp glossy-cover paperback on clean white depleted rainforest, including three full episodes of the series plus bonus extras, such as The Lonely Planet Guide To Goyle and an exclusive extract, in print for the first time, from Vol 2: From Evil With Love. (Publishing date TBA soon!)


Look at these lovely books. Look at them.

How do you get your hands on one?

Well, you can already order this objet d’artfulness through Amazon, both here in the UK and from the US site.

You can also get your hands on a signed copy via (just click Add To Basket from the seller calling himself sa4ward).

But as an alternative - which will save you on postage - just click here:

Shipping Options

Galaxy Six. Entertainment, Infotainment, Edutainment and all-round Lobototainment.


Archive News

October 2010

Evil Lives!

Evil Cover


It's been quiet around here. Over the past year I've not been idle, but most of the earlier part of 2010 was taken up with more works of licensed fiction. Once they were done and dusted and after I'd holidayed, friends and my mum-in-law were urging me that it was high time to see about putting some of my original work within reach of readers. Specifically on Amazon Kindle.

SoI thought I'd start with one of the books that had proven so popular on authonomy. It was then just a question of which one!

Well, I decided to go with Evil UnLtd (TM).

SF Comedy, it demonstrated a broader appeal on authonomy, entertaining a wide range of readers, but since it's primarily aimed at fans of Sci-Fi (be it Doctor Who, or Star Wars or pretty much anything else) I reasoned that it would have more of an audience in an electronic format than one of my kids' books. (I could be wrong, since I discovered that Amazon Kindle already has some 15000 books listed in its Children's category!) Anyway, as of this month the first full volume of Evil exploits is available on Kindle.

Go check out Evil UnLtd Vol 1: The Root Of All Evil on

and, for those across the Atlantic, also on

(Don't worry, you don't have to have a Kindle device in order to enjoy the book. You can download the Kindle software for FREE for your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone.)

Naturally enough, the toughest challenge now will be to publicise the book and let readers know it's out there. So if you happen to read this, anything you can do to spread the word will be greatly appreciated. Have a read of the sample chapters and if you like it, tell your friends, point them to the book. Spread the love, spread the Evil.

Because you know, Evil UnLtd won't settle for anything less than global domination. :-)


October 2009

Three Blogs for the Price of One!


Quite a while ago - late last year, I think - I set up 4dprefect's Blog as a platform for a few random creative bits and pieces, but after a few initial posts nothing was heard. I guess I ran out of puff. In my defence, I did get busy on a couple of commissions, but the fact remained the creative blog was left sadly neglected. So what on earth would I want more blogs for?

Well, I gather quite a few writers are raising the profile for some of their work through blogging, so I really felt I owed it to my material to do likewise. So, for the time being, I've set up 4d Evil and Tortenblog , which will play host to writings from, respectively, the worlds of Evil UnLtd (TM), my SF comedy, and Tortenschloss (TM), my YA fantasy. I started posting materials to each site at the beginning of October and am hoping to maintain a daily output, contributing something to one of the sites - along with further morsels to 4dprefect's Blog each day. The latter will even include some (just-for-fun) *Doctor Who* related material from time to time. Please feel free to check out any of these blogs and let me know your thoughts.

April 2009


When an author with a number of Doctor Who credits to his name says he's been busy on some new commissions for a Saturday night TV show, some Doctor Who readers might jump to certain conclusions. So I had best cut to the chase and just say, I'm pleased to announce that I've recently been writing not just one, but two novelisations for another Saturday night TV series entirely - the BBC's Merlin series. Thanks to the executive producers of the show who approved of my initial writing sample and gave me this opportunity.

It's my first foray into the world of the novelisation and it's renewed my respect and admiration for Terrance Dicks and all the work he did on those Target Doctor Who novelisations that were such a staple of my childhood reading. Back then, it was a case of filling in for the absence of video or any means of rewatching a favourite show. In this age of DVDs, it's quite a challenge to invest the story with extra elements and insights so that the book compliments what's on screen and offers an alternative to simply viewing the episode. I've been so busy in the past few months on these that I've even invented a new verb for it: Merling. And the experience has also afforded me the opportunity to work with some very lovely people at Random House, which has been great.

The first book, Merlin: The Dragon's Call is scheduled for release in September this year, timed to coincide with the return of the show to our screens. Book 4, Merlin: The Poisoned Chalice, my second book in the series, is due to follow a month later, in October. Watch this space for more news and of course I'll be adding links to the Amazon listings for both books as and when available.

January 2009

Double Top!!!


No, I haven't taken up darts. Where I have scored - or rather, where my books have scored, I'm happy to say - is over on authonomy, Harper Collins' online community for authors and readers. Twice in the space of two months, a book of mine made No.2 in their book chart. And I'm proud to say that made yours truly the FIRST EVER AUTHOR to 'do the double' and have TWO books successfully hit the Harper Collins' Editor's Desk and win those highly coveted Gold Stars.

First was my sci-fi comedy, *Evil UnLtd*, (TM) in the October chart. The Harper Collins crit was favourable indeed, speaking highly of the writing - but they didn't go so far as to pick the book up, as they didn't feel there was a market for science fiction comedy. Well, there are other publishers out there who will see things differently, of course, when they've had a chance to read what's on offer. So, far from undeterred, I took their assessment of the quality of the book as hugely encouraging and am even commencing work on Volume 2. With its ensemble cast, it was always intended as an ongoing series. Heck, *Evil UnLtd* (TM) is more than that, it's a brand. For the time being, you can still read the sample as posted on authonomy. Just click on any of the links or on the book cover above.

The second (December) star was won by my kids' book Kip Doodle And The Armchair Of Lost Dreams, which came in at No.2 when the clocks struck midnight on New Year's Eve. So I had two reasons to quaff my champagne as we moved into 2009 - and *Kip Doodle* (TM) now awaits his verdict from Harper Collins. Hopefully we'll hear what they have to say before the end of this month. For what it's worth, the comments from readers have again been overwhelmingly positive with, most importantly of all, a wonderfully encouraging response from children who've read it. Again this is only the first book in a series, so of course it's my hope that before too long it'll be out there in the bookstores for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Meanwhile, the sample is also available to read over on authonomy.

Whatever Harper Collins has to say about *Kip Doodle* (TM), these books - these series! - will be published and will be available in bookstores and online. On that score, have no doubt.

As with a dartboard, it's only a matter of time before you hit the mark. Not that I'm throwing darts at publishers, only books. But if you'd like to check out the quality of the 'arrows', then please go see for yourselves - have a read and by all means let me know what you think.

I will be posting more samples of my works on authonomy at some point in the near future, and have already posted a Young Adult fantasy novel of mine. These books won't be chasing stars, they'll just be there for the feedback - invaluable to a writer, as I'm sure you'll appreciate.

There's other news too, of a rather exciting variety, but unfortunately that I can't tell you yet. That and more, I hope, in the next News bulletin!

Watch this space.


September 2008



In the interests of self-promotion and in the interests of promoting awareness of what is basically just a good idea, I'd like to tell everyone about authonomy. It's a platform/online community for authors to air and share their works, developed by Harper Collins, allowing authors to upload all or part of a given book and any registered members to read and review them, offering helpful comments and criticisms and/or recommending them to friends. And as an added bonus, Harper Collins will actually consider the top five reads at the end of each month. So naturally it serves me to announce that I've posted a third of one of my novels on the site, but more than that, as I mentioned, I just happen to think it's a neat idea. And I recommend my author friends to go upload some work of theirs and give it a whirl, and recommend my reader friends to go check it out and see what's on offer. And if anybody happens to read my modest sample of sci-fi comedy, (the link to which should work once you've registered at the site, but if not search for the works of one 4dprefect) well, so much the better! Hopefully, I'll be uploading more of my work there as time goes on. Watch this space - and, er, that one as well.


Coming Soon


SHELF LIFE is a short story anthology for charity, in memory of Craig Hinton, friend and fellow Doctor Who author, who passed away in December 2006. My own contribution to the collection, Crawlspace, is a story featuring the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), and was originally written to be read at the Los Angeles Gallifrey convention (2005) at a round table discussion chaired by Craig and myself. Neither of us got to read our respective stories out - we were having far too much time chatting and laughing. Great fun, good memories and when it came to submitting a story for the collection Crawlspace came readily to mind as the obvious choice. The anthology, edited by Jay Eales, Adrian Middleton and David McIntee, is due for release soon and the proceeds will be going to the British Heart Foundation.


Also, for those who enjoyed Fright Night: The Shrieking Stones (published by Puffin and written by yours truly under the unassuming pen name of Steve Rogers), the second book in the series, Fright Night: The Howling Castle, is due for release in September. Well worth watching out for if you have kids and, some would say, even if you haven't.

Further news on both of these and who knows what else as and when there's, er, further news.

March 2008

So March is already upon us and as I mentioned before, I have this pseudonymous children's book now out - Fright Night: The Shrieking Stones, allegedly by Steve Rogers but actually by yours truly. Go buy your copy now and who knows, maybe you'll get a mention on my blog. Of course, that might be under an umbrella name of, say, "all the wonderful people who rushed out and bought my book", but imagine if at the end of movies they credited every person who watched them individually. That would just be madness. As an alternative, feel free to post comments to the blog if/when you get a chance to read it.

Anyway, I've had a chance to read the finished article myself and I can recommend it. But then, of course, I would say that. On the other hand, I'll say it even louder when it's my name on the cover! :)

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