My favourite links

When the storm breaks, when the dog bites...

...I think of a few of my favourite links...

and then -

Okay, enough with the Julie Andrews routine. Here, we have a list or two of related links and a few sites I generally favour.

Writers & Writing

BBC Writers Room     A helpful resource for those wishing to break into scriptwriting for BBC TV or radio, or for budding screen writers in general.

4Talent     Channel 4�s Talent site.

Martin Day    The website of a fellow Doctor Who author with a host of other writing credits to his name. And the nicest of fellows.

Mark Michalowski     Another fellow Who author (Wetworld, The Shining Darkness) and friend, who writes a terrific book or several.

Dale Smith    Another esteemed fellow Who author, writer of The Many Hands and as a proofreader has helped make light work of some of my writings too.

Mark Stevens    Another fellow Who scribe, his website offers numerous bits n bobs of interest.

Kevin Safe    And, for a change, not a writer at all, but a friend of mine who's an artist. Check out this selection of his works.

Sci-Fan    A site that includes an index of absolutely everybody in the world of SF writers.

Marie Phillips    Author of Gods Behaving Badly. She also blogs about Doctor Who amongst other things.

Lauri Shaw    Author of Servicing the Pole.

Doctor Who Stuff

Outpost Gallifrey    The number one Doctor Who website. News, database, releases, reviews, author interviews, fan fic, all the flora and fauna of the Who universe.

Big Finish Productions    The official site of Big Finish Productions, the folks who have kept Doctor Who alive in the audio medium, and in their Short Trips collections.

BBC Doctor Who    The BBC's official site for the classic Who series.

Telos    The official site of Telos Publishing, the folks behind, unsurprisingly, the Telos Doctor Who novellas as well as their own ranges of sf/fantasy and horror fiction.

TARDIS Library    An extensive database of all the books, CDs and other Who releases, complete with readers' ratings and reviews.

Tertiary Console Room    An archive of all the Doctor Who audios produced by Big Finish

The Doctor Who Information Network    Home to Myth Makers, a fanzine of quality Doctor Who fiction. Including, for Myth Makers#14: Personal Reflections, a short story of mine, Pincer Movement, which might be of interest to fans of Peri and Shell Shock.

Movies & Miscellaneous

Aint-It-Cool-News - gossip, scandal, reviews of movie and TV

The Internet Movie Database (UK) - an invaluable resource of who was in what, when, where and why.    Website for Virginia Hey's new post-Farscape business venture. Wish I could write an audio drama to feature her. She'd be willing, she told me so herself. :)

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