Fright Night

Fright Night is a children's 'horror'/mystery series. Different authors are to contribute to the series under the one pen name, although I was fortunate enough to be asked to write the first two books in the series.
The Shrieking Stones
Fright Night: The Shrieking Stones

'Welcome to Fright Night! Tonight's destination is ...Ireland: at the Shrieking Stones of Bray.' The cast and crew of Fright Night are roaming the country in search of all things spooooooky. Just when it seems the ghosts and ghouls are staying hidden, twins Adam and Lana make a chilling discovery, which leads them to an eerie circle of standing stones. Something very sinister awaits them - and the question isn't what, but who is lurking inside? First in a brilliantly creepy new series, this title is perfect for boys and girls of 8 and above who love to be seriously spooked!


For the first Fright Night, as well as the cast of regulars, I was supplied with the title and the general setup of a witch up to something at the Shrieking Stones Of Bray. From there, I developed a full synopsis and it was during that phase that more imaginative elements like the tapestry crept in, while other touches - like the fog spiders - materialised from nowhere, so to speak, during the writing stage. Of course, part of the challenge here was making sure to characterise Ghian, the witch, and Fergus, the boy ghost, in ways that would mark them out as highly individual, finding things to separate them out from standard ghosts and witches. And that's a feature of both Fright Night books to date: trying to do something new with long-established and much-used spooky elements.

The Howling Castle
Fright Night: The Howling Castle

"Welcome to Fright Night! So here we are in the corridors of Castle Dragomir ..." The cast and crew of the Fright Night TV show are filming at the spookiest castle they've ever seen! The owner looks eerily like Count Dracula, growling wolves bare their fangs in the forest below and there's even talk of vampires. Twins Adam and Lana suspect the count has something sinister to hide - can they uncover the mystery of the creepy castle before it's too late? This title is perfect for readers of 8+ who love to be seriously spooked!


For the second Fright Night, all I had to go on was the cast of regulars - but I was told that the book wouldn't be using Fergus, who was originally intended as another recurring character, accompanying the kids on their adventures. Beyond that, there was no plot, no setting, no anything. So I set to work, trying to come up with ideas in a relatively short space of time. As is usual with these brainstorming sessions, several ideas with potential occurred, but this one was the winner. It was while I was toying with the notion of doing a vampire story, set in Romania, that I remembered a scene in Dracula, where it's shown how the wolves are his allies/servants, and that inspired me to tell a tale of werewolves and gypsies. But as before, whether it was going to be vampires or werewolves, one thing was certain: it had to be given a fresh twist. Unfortunately, it went through numerous changes before it made it to print, but hopefully the main elements have been preserved. As a rule of thumb, the more original, imaginative bits will be mine, anything else would have been added or modified later!

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